The most important pillar is our employees

Our competent and qualified team is at the same time our greatest asset and potential to offer our customers daily the quality of service that we expect from them and which they are accustomed to by us.
Our staff is almost completely integrated into the development of our company and enjoys our fullest confidence at all times. Through the regular and further trainings and of our employees and executives, the individual development of each person is specifically promoted. We have recognized that we can achieve our own high quality requirements and the goal of constantly improving our transport quality only by a motivated, well-trained and qualified team!

At this point, we would like to thank all our employees for the very good achievements of the past years and look forward to a joint and successful future.

With WinSped, we support a highly modern forwarding software, whose system is continually and extensively expanded by us in order to offer you optimal service around your transports. As a further technology booth, we use a GPS-based telematics solution with Astrata and the combined software FleetVisor, which allows us to be in constant contact with the vehicles and our drivers. In addition, the vehicle equipment includes a mobile phone, so that a permanent direct Contact with the passenger. We will inform you about the transport status of your goods at any time.

Only our modern Euro norm 5 and standard 6 trucks from the brands Volvo and Renault are used in our transport solutions. All vehicles have a GPS system.
In addition, our young fleet consists of 1-4 chamber tankers of the brands Feldbinder, Magyar, Klaeser and van Hool with volumes of 30m³-36m³. The trailers offer a wide range of chamber compartments and are largely optimized for the weight of our tankers.
The regular maintenance and care of our vehicles at the sister company Kfz-Service ensures our high technical quality standard and guarantees a technically smooth transport process.

We have confidence in our services
We regularly review our workflows and our offer. As early as 2014, we decided to install a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 standards.
Some companies see this “control organ” as a burden, but for us it is the confirmation of our services. We try to convince our customers from the first transport that the cooperation with us is the right decision to be successful together in the future. We are continually expanding our range of services and offer our customers the highest degree of product safety and above all holistic service around their transports.
Since 2011 our company has been certified according to GMP + B4.

Your contact:
Daria Nowak

tel: +48.447573555, +48.443067770

Certyfikat ISO 9001:2008
Certyfikat GMP + B4
Certyfikat GMP + B4

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