Technical & Chemical goods
In the field of technical transport, our fleet includes well insulated 1-4 chamber tank trailers with capacity of up to 34000 liters.
As in the livestock and feed sector, we also use state-of-the-art equipment and state-of-the-art technology in the hazardous goods sector to handle your transports at the highest level. Each of our vehicles also has a compressor or a pump, so we can provide the right equipment for you.
Of course, all technical transports can also be performed kosher and heated. In addition, we are certified as a waste disposal company and gladly take over your waste transports.
Our responsible employees are well trained in the handling of dangerous goods and always treat them with a responsible attitude.
We are glad to advise you on your technical transport. Please contact with us for futher information.

Your contacts:
Piotr Ryszkowski

tel +48.858777425, +48.513009669

Rafał Kulesza
tel +48.858777525


Dangerous goods

Chemical goods

Technical transports

Feed transports


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