• Location: Białystok

Job title:
• Planning and organization of transports with full loads in international traffic,
• Monitoring of completion of transport orders,
• Ensure the quality and promptness of delivery,
• Registration of transport orders, setting of routes and remote coordination of drivers’ work and cost optimization,
• Solving problems related to the transport of goods,
• Providing carriers for long-term cooperation,
• Current analysis and cost optimization,
• Providing customers and developing mutual cooperation.
• Knowledge of English, German is an additional advantage,
• Very good organization of work,
• Independence and the ability to work in a team,
• Responsibility, reliability and adherence to deadlines for the fulfillment of tasks.

Please send your CV to e-mail: p.ryszkowski@poltank.pl


We offer:
• Stable working conditions: an employment contract,
• Possibility of returns of costs of ADR training, the driver card,
• Providing commuting,
• 3/1 or 6/2 work system that can be adapted to the driver’s requirements,
• Modern fleet with service contracts,
• Beginners are welcome – we help to gain experience,
• Social facilities (accommodation / kitchen / laundry) in company buildings in Großenwiehe,
• Driving licence class C + E,
• A certificate of qualifications or a course for the carriage of goods,
• Psychological and medical examinations for professional drivers,
• Current ADR authorizations for the transport of liquids in tanks,
• Experience in transporting dangerous goods in tanks is welcome,
• As we work in the EU – knowledge of foreign languages is welcome

Please send your CV to e-mail: a.kwosek@poltank.pl


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